Septmeber 2019

Further Filming on Royal Crescent, 25-27 September, 2019

We have received short notice of further filming due to take place on the eastern curve of Royal Crescent involving the same road closures and parking suspensions as the last round of filming at the end of August. The new dates are Wednesday 25 September - Friday 27 September inclusive, with actual filming taking place on the 26th. Another letter was hand delivered to all Royal Crescent households yesterday which included details of the filming activity and how residents and their visitors can obtain a free parking pass for Charlotte Street car park for the 3 day period.

The production company have again agreed to a donation to the Royal Crescent Society in line with the last donation for the 3 days of potential disruption to residents and are very appreciative of our continued support and patience.

As last time, their intention is not to restrict access for residents but you may be asked to wait a few moments if a filming take is in process. If you have any particular access requirements or have any questions or concerns during the filming, please contact Jade Robertson or Adrienne Whitwell from the production company whose contact details are at the end of the letter.

Click here to see filming letter page 1
Click here to see filming letter page 2

August 2019

Filming on Royal Crescent, 30 August - 2 September, 2019

There will be some major filming taking place inside and to the exterior of no.1 Royal Crescent and on the eastern side of the road over a 4 day period from Friday 30 August - Monday 2 September inclusive. Royal Crescent will be closed at the eastern Brock Street end and the bollards will be temporarily removed at the western end to allow access for residents. Parking suspensions will be in place from no.1 up to the Hotel for the duration.

Please see below the letter from the film production company, Sunken Garden Productions Ltd, on alternative free parking arrangements for residents in Charlotte Street car park and contact details for any questions, concerns or particular needs regarding access whilst the filming is taking place. They have given assurance that access for residents will not be restricted but they have invited our support and patience for a few moments if filming is in progress.

Please click here for Sunken Garden Productions letter page 1

Please click here for Sunken Gardens Productions letter page 2

June 2019

Change of date for St Andrews School Sports Day

Due to the heavy rain on Tuesday 25 June, the St Andrews School Sports Day has been re-scheduled for the morning of Tuesday 16 July on the Crescent Lawn.

RCS Summer Picnic, Sunday July 21, 2019

This year`s ’Strawberries and Pimms’ RCS Summer picnic will be held on the Crescent Lawn on Sunday July 21, 2019 from 5-7pm. All Friends, Residents and their families and friends are welcome. See the flyer with more information by clicking here.

New Coach Ban for Circus and Streets Leading to Royal Crescent

Following years of campaigning by the Circus Residents Association (CARA), B&NES have agreed to a trial coach ban on the Circus and all streets leading to and from the Circus, including Gay Street, Bennett Street, Old Church Street, Crescent Lane and Rivers Street. For now, only the double decker red tourist buses will be allowed to enter these streets. This ban should help prevent the stray coaches which do occasionally still manage to enter the Crescent, despite the signage which has been present for well over 10 years. Residents are encouraged to take a photo of the number plate and record the time and date of any coach they see entering Royal Crescent (or Brock Street and Old Church Street) and to email it to so that we can contact the Council and the offending coach company.

Police Liaison and Neighbourhood Watch Update

Following on from the RCS AGM, resident Graham Moore has kindly volunteered to be the Royal Crescent Society`s representative for local police liaison and the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Graham met recently with Trevor Wilmot, the Neighbourhood Watch representative for Avon and Somerset Police and will have the opportunity to meet regularly with our local police to discuss any residents' concerns. He will also receive regular police email updates on crime in our local area so we can keep residents informed of any relevant issues.  
If you have any non-urgent concerns or questions you would like to raise with our local police, please email and your details will be passed on to Graham who will get in touch with you.
For any emergency or crime in progress, please call the usual 999, or for any non-urgent matters, call 101.
If you would like to find out more on how to make your home more secure, you can go to the Neighbourhood Watch national website by clicking here.

Alert from Avon and Somerset Police on Garage and Outbuilding Security

We have received a police email alert advising us that there has been a substantial recent increase in the number of break-ins to garages, sheds and outbuildings across the Avon and Somerset policing area. They have released a document on steps residents can take to help secure their property. Please click here to view.

Crescent Lawn Maintenance Update

Our shared lawn is still recovering from the unusually hot and dry summer in 2018, and regular (night time!) rainfall would now be helpful. The most badly affected area, situated between numbers 17 and 23, is showing some regrowth but still has some bare areas. PLEASE try to keep off the reseeded areas (blankets, chairs, ball games, dogs) in order to give it the best possible chance.
The RCS hasn't agreed any events requiring large tenting for this summer, to facilitate continued recovery. The only events booked for the rest of the year on the lawn are smaller ones; a wedding drinks booking, St Andrews School Sports Day and the RCS picnic.
Finally, without inviting neighbours to put themselves at any risk, please remember that any of us can take responsibility to query the presence of anyone who has climbed up from the Lower Lawn/Royal Victoria Park. The Crescent Lawn is our garden, and the Ha ha wall is old and fragile, and expensive to repair.

Reminder: New Residents Visitor Permit Parking Trial

In case you missed this in the last newsletter, there is a new 12 month trial for residents' visitor parking permits in the Central Zone which started on 4 March. All residents in the Central Zone (whether current car permit holders or not) are eligible for 100 hours of visitor permits, using the B&NES online MiPermit system. The cost will be 10p/hour. For a direct link to B&NES MiPermit online registration page, click here.

April 2019

Hope Ball 2019

Many Royal Crescent residents and friends enjoyed attending and supporting The Hope Ball in 2017 which took place on the Royal Crescent Lawn. The Ball takes place every two years and raises much needed funds to support the Cancer Care Campaign at the Royal United Hospital in Bath and its Forever friends Appeal. It will be held again this year on June 15 in a beautiful private garden in nearby Doynton. For more details of the event and how to purchase tickets, click here.

Parking permit discounts for zero emission vehicles

From Monday 1 April B&NES are offering a limited number of parking permits for zero emission vehicles which will be available at a reduced cost on a first come first served basis.

The discount scheme is being funded by a £240,000 government grant designed to promote zero and Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) uptake in advance of the introduction of a Clean Air Zone in the city centre.   

For more details and how to purchase the permit online via MiPermit , click here.

The reduced cost scheme forms part of a range of local incentives to encourage the use of zero emission and ultra low emission vehicles across Bath and North East Somerset, including the expansion of a network of dedicated charging points across the authority.

For details of the charging points currently available in Bath and North East Somerset, click here.

March 2019

Bath Clean Air Zone (CAZ) Update

The B&NES cabinet meeting held on the 5th of March voted in favour of a Class C Clean Air Zone for Bath (as opposed to a class D) which exempts cars from being charged to drive in the Zone but will charge higher emission coaches, buses, HGVs , LGVs/vans, private hire vehicles and taxis. The cabinet also approved a package of measures to assist businesses and vulnerable people manage the impact of the charging zone which will reduce high levels of NO2 which the Government says must happen ‘in the shortest possible time’ and by 2021 at the latest. The next step is for B&NES to write to government confirming the decision and to seek the funding needed to deliver the plan, which they hope to start in December 2020. For more details and the full B&NES press release, click here.

Key features of a Class C CAZ  

  • Charges would apply to all non-compliant, higher emission vehicles except cars

  • Traffic management at Queen Square is necessary for the scheme to be compliant

  • Charges and charging policy remains consistent with the original proposal (£100 for higher emission buses, coaches and HGVs, and £9 for higher emission LGVs/vans, private hire vehicles and taxis

  • Compliant vehicles would not be charged:

  • National and local exemptions and concessions apply.

  • Charges for higher emission vehicles would apply once in every 24-hour period (midnight to midnight) when entering or driving in the zone, applying 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If your vehicle is parked in the zone and does not move, you would not pay the charge.

  • Interest-free loans would be available to help owners of pre-Euro 6 commercial vehicles (buses, coaches, HGVs, LGVs/vans and private hire vehicles/taxis) to upgrade a vehicle, retrofit an older vehicle or invest in a low emission vehicle (ULEV).

  • Businesses with Euro 4 or 5 diesel commercial vehicles unable to obtain a loan would be able to apply for a concession to 1 January 2023 (i.e not pay to drive in the zone until this date).

  • Vulnerable groups driving Euro 4/5 diesel vehicles from c.2006 (e.g. vans, minibuses) and not eligible for the interest-free loan scheme would be able to register for a concession until 1 January 2023, giving drivers longer to upgrade their vehicle. This includes registered blue badge holders, registered healthcare providers and registered community transport providers

  • Concessions would be available for E4/5 diesel accessible taxis until 1 January 2023

  • All hybrid cars (including PHV/taxis) would be locally exempt from charges

The CAZ scheme, including additional measures, is subject to a successful bid for funds from the Government.

CAZ Image of Zone.png

New Resident Visitor Permits Trial

A 12 month trial for resident visitor permits in the Central Zone went live on 4th March. All residents in the Central Zone (whether current car permit holders or not) are eligible for 100 hours of visitor parking permits, using the B&NES online MiPermit system. The cost will be 10p/hour. For link to B&NES MiPermit online registration, click here.

The Future of Transport for Bath Conference, 4th April

Ahead of the Council election on 2nd May, the various Bath political groups will present their Bath transport manifestos at a public conference to be held at St Swithun’s Church, chaired by Sir Peter Hendy. West of England Combined Authority Mayor Tim Bowles will also be presenting WECA’s new regional transport plan and its benefits for Bath.

Attendance is free but places are limited and you must register beforehand online. Click here for a link to the registration form.

New Bath Police Station/Enquiry Office Announced

The Bath city centre neighbourhood policing team is moving into new space in the Council offices at Lewis House, Manvers Street, under a deal between B&NES and Avon and Somerset’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens. For full press release, click here.

Crescent Lawn Maintenance Update

Substantial treatment and re-seeding to areas of the Lawn will be taking place in the forthcoming weeks, in response to the damage caused by the combination of unusually high temperatures and low rainfall last summer. The largest area of re-seeding may need to be fenced off for some time until it has recovered and we ask that you please also try and avoid the scattered smaller re-seeded areas which may not have fencing around them.  The remedial work is costly and we need it to be effective. Large areas of the Lawn will still be available for use and we hope you agree that this will be a worthwhile temporary inconvenience for the longer term health of the Lawn. We will also avoid hosting any large events on the lawn this year for this reason (i.e. those requiring large marquees).

New Stadium For Bath Proposals - FOBRA Response.

See the January news item for details of the proposals for a new Bath stadium, together with a response from the Bath Preservation Trust. The Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations has now written a response outlining concerns with the proposals and its potential impact on Bath and and its residents and businesses. Click here to see the response.

Bath Artist Peter Brown spotted painting Royal Crescent in the snow

Royal Crescent by Peter Brown

Royal Crescent by Peter Brown

You may already be familiar with the work of Bath based artist Peter Brown who has captured the beauty of Royal Crescent in the snow through painting a panoramic oil on canvas during our recent heavy but short-lived snowfall. The painting is currently for sale if you are interested. More information on Peter and his work can be found on his website by clicking the link here.

February 2019

Happy Birthday John Wood the Younger!

This month marks the birthday of the Bath born architect responsible for Royal Crescent, John Wood the Younger, who was born 291 years ago. Alongside his father, John Wood the Elder, he was a key figure in the development of Bath`s eighteenth century elegance and in the history of British architecture. The Bath Chronicle, 21st May, 1767 reported ‘Tuesday last, the foundation stone was laid of the intended new building above the Circus, called the Crescent’. Wood designed the houses in Brock Street to have fairly modest facades so that people would not be distracted as they approached the new crescent from the Circus and so that ‘the breathtaking view of his Palladian masterpiece would explode before their eyes’. We are sure he would be pleased to learn that it continues to have the same impact on people today.

Bath Half Marathon Sunday 17 March 2019, Information Leaflet

The Bath Half Marathon is on Sunday the 17th of March and starts at 11.00am, with road closures (from 9.45am to around 3.30pm), parking suspensions and diversions along its course. To see the residents information leaflet with all the details, click here.

Police Newsletter From Sergeant Jonathan Raisey

Jonathan Raisey has introduced an interesting and helpful quarterly newsletter to keep residents up to date with the current crime and policing situation in Bath.

Here is the first newsletter:

Dear Resident

Welcome to the first news letter for Bath City Centre Team. I hope that I can produce a similar letter on a quarterly basis to keep you up to date on our progress, goals and achievements. Policing relies on public confidence and feeling that we are tackling issues that concern you. I will try and keep these newsletters concise but give you a real feel for what we are trying to achieve in the City Centre.

Figures: Below are some facts and figures for crime in the City Centre


Police table.jpg

You will notice that overall there has been a small increase in crime in the City Centre for the 12 months of 2018 compared to 2017, whilst across the whole of Bath there has actually been a 1.8% fall in criminality. This is bucking the national trend for rising crime and again we see falls in robbery, violence and sexual offences. Thefts and in particular shop theft has contributed to most of the rise in crime figures for Bath centre and may be a reflection of tightening financial conditions both for retailers and possibly those who are shoplifting.

In BANES for the last 18 months we have run a shop theft workshop for juveniles who get caught stealing for the first time. We have had over 70 attendees and to date none of them have come back to Police attention so this seems far more effective than other outcomes. It brings retailers face to face with the offenders and their parents so that they understand the damage that offending causes. We continue to work closely with Bath BID and Bath Crime Reduction Partnership to help ban our most prolific re-offenders.

There have been large increases in inquisitive offences of burglary and theft from vehicles, but for both the numbers across the City as a whole show a significant decrease, suggesting that the small number of offenders who commit these type of offences have targeted central areas more than in the previous year, but as a City we have been more effective in bringing these people to justice in a timely manner. As individuals we can all work to ensure we keep valuables safe and out of the eyesight of prying eyes, and report people acting suspiciously.

My overall summation would be that despite many National horror stories in the media relating to gangs and serious violence, Bath is not facing an unstoppable crime wave, the figures are very similar to the twelve months before that and some of the most significant violent offences have actually reduced.  

 Increased Visibility

 Since restructuring in Early October my team have tried to increase their visibility in the City Centre.

My team no longer travel in cars, except when having to travel outside the Centre on rare occasions and we are out either on foot or on bike.

Two of my PCSO’s are currently trialling electric bicycles in the city Centre, benefitting from being able to cover more distance whilst being more approachable than travelling by car.

Police on bike.jpg

Every officer now has a laptop and can update crimes and other enquiries whilst on patrol rather than having to return to the station for paperwork. This gives us the opportunity to use public spaces to do our administration and be available to talk through problems people may have.

We have started a number of new coffee with cops walk in beat surgeries including at Royal Victoria Park and attending at Julian Road

Each of the PCSO’s have taken responsibility for a housing block in the City Centre so that residents can have a single point of contact within the Police to discuss ongoing issues. Where we have identified ongoing problems in the City I have tried to designate one of my team to take ownership of it, so that we do more than just short term fixes.

Meetings for residents of Griffin Court and Norfolk Crescent have meant that we have taken the time to discuss concerns and answer questions from local communities. We are happy to meet with any resident group, be it large or small and will endeavour to attend any relevant meetings we are invited to. 

 Greater Working with Housing Associations

 My team have endeavoured to work more closely with the main housing associations, CURO, LIVEWEST, GUINNESS and SANCTUARY, doing a number of joint visits, residents meetings and engaging to discuss problem residents for a quicker resolution to anti-social behaviour problems.

 Knife Surrender Bins

 Operation Sceptre is a national initiative to reduce knife crime and here in BANES we are doing our part to raise awareness and make the streets safer. This includes several weeks of action every year where we conduct activities such as test purchases to check knives are not sold to children, or education in schools and colleges. There are also knife surrender bins for people to anonymously hand in items which they fear may get used as a weapon in the wrong hands. We have a surrender campaign in Bath Police Station in Redbridge House, Midland Road, BA2 3EW, but the knife needs to be handed in to an officer, however, we will never take any details or record who has handed in the item. If you prefer a completely anonymous method, then we have a permanent surrender bin outside Ashmead Road Custody Centre, Ashmead Road, Keynsham, where you can post any such items securely into the bin at any time of day. We emptied our bins for the first time and have already had over 120 knives surrendered.

Working to Protect our most Vulnerable

 Many of you will have heard of county lines and the issues of gangs taking over the homes of vulnerable people in order to sell drugs. In Bath we have taken an innovative approach, identifying those we believe most at risk and visiting them on a regular basis to ensure that they are not taken advantage of. This has already led to some people being rehoused to safer locations and offenders arrested from vulnerable addresses.


Begging is a very emotive subject and one that deeply divides most communities. I hope that as a team we have a very positive working relationship with both the street homeless and the support services that work with them. That being said our role requires us to prevent crime and begging is an offence that causes discomfort and irritation to many people. We spend much time safeguarding and supporting the street community but also need to deter these antisocial issues from causing tensions. Recently, and following consultation with the main support charities we have looked to change our approach to begging. Firstly by talking through the range of support benefits available to those we believe to be begging but then being more robust in our actions towards those who continue to beg. We are using legislation to stop persons from sitting in locations and gathering alms, (which is waiting to receive gifts or donations, such as sitting with a cap or cup in front of you). In the past we used to take action when we witnessed people verbally asking for money but this has led to an increase in the number of people sitting down quietly waiting to be given money. Some of these people are drawn to Bath from other parts of the country due to the amount of money that is given. This draws people away from their local connections and means that if they have no ties to Bath that they are unable to obtain benefits or housing and makes them fully reliant on obtaining money to survive from any means available. Those people with a local connection to Bath generally have access to benefits, housing and other support such as outreach workers, drug rehabilitation and mental health support.  

I hope this newsletter has been beneficial for you. As of the next newsletter I hope to be able to provide a team photo and introduce some of the team to you and the work that they have been doing


PS 4531 Jonathan Raisey


January 2019

Bath Preservation Trust Volunteer Drop-in Day, Monday 28th January

The BPT will be holding a drop-in day for potential volunteers at their museums (including room guides, marketing, campaigning and conservation work) on Monday 28th January, 10am-1pm at No. 1 Royal Crescent. For details, click here.

BPT Museums Openings update

No.1 Royal Crescent opens on Sat 16 Feb

Herschel Museum of Astronomy opens Sat 2 Feb

Museum of Bath Architcture remains open

Beckford’s Tower opens 2 March

Bath City Forum Meeting, Monday 28th January

The Bath City Forum will be holding their next meeting on Monday 28th January at 6pm at The Guildhall and all are welcome to attend. Issues to be discussed will include policing issues in Bath and the new HMO (houses of multiple occupation) Licensing rules. To see the agenda, click here.

Stadium For Bath and Rec Proposals

The BPT have published their detailed response to the second round consultation which includes their concerns on the heritage impact of a scheme of this size on the World Heritage city. Click here to see their response.

Images of the proposed new stadium and its impact on views around Bath and the landscape setting have been uploaded by the Pulteney Estates Residents Association and can be viewed here.

For up to date information from the Stadium For Bath website on their proposals, click here.

FOBRA (Federation of Bath Residents) met on the 22nd January, and discussed the proposals which also include a 700 space car park within the new development. FOBRA will be issuing their response which will express concerns on how this proposed car park impacts the overall B&NES Transport Plan for Bath and the Clean Air Zone proposals.

Clean Air Zone Proposals Update

B&NES have postponed a decision on the Clean Air Zone, citing an unprecedented number of responses (8,400 survey responses in total) to the consultation. An updated report is being prepared and will be presented in March for the Cabinet’s consideration with costed and modelled options, including a range of mitigation measures.

Royal Crescent Lawn Maintenance

The hot dry conditions in 2017 have unfortunately led to some damaged grass and roots in certain areas of the lawn and as moss has moved in to these bare patches, the grass will not recover without some major intervention. The CLC have taken some expert advice on this and the necessary remedial work will be starting in March, weather permitting. To protect the re-seeded areas there will be some fenced-off parts of the lawn for a time to enable it to re-establish itself.

December 2018

Residents` Festive Dinner, Sunday, January 13, 2019

Residents and Friends of the RCS will have received an email from Sue Purdin with details and information on how to book places for the Residents’ Festive Dinner to be held at the Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa on Sunday, January 13, 2019. If you haven`t received an email and would like to come, please email Places are limited, so book soon to avoid disappointment!

Rubbish Collection over Christmas and New Year/ Christmas Tree disposal

For details of B&NES’ changes to rubbish collection dates over the Christmas and New Year period, please click here, or for a link to the flyer summarising the changed dates, click here.

Real Christmas tree disposal - trees will not be collected until garden waste collections resume on the 28th January 2019. They can be put out between 28 January - 8th February and the Council will collect them free of charge. It is requested that the trees are chopped up so that they can fit in the waste lorries and that you ensure they are free of any decorations. If you would like to dispose of your tree before this date, you can take it to the local recycling centre.

Royal Crescent Neighbourhood Watch

Following on from the AGM where residents raised concerns about the number of recent burglaries in the area, the RCS has met with local police representatives and has re-formed a Royal Crescent neighbourhood watch group. We would like to encourage all residents to be as vigilant as possible on behalf of their neighbours and to report anything suspicious either directly to the police by calling 999 (emergencies and crimes in progress) or 101 (non urgent issues and historic crimes). Please let us know of any issues or concerns so we can alert other residents by emailing the RCS committee on, or .

Christmas Period Crime Prevention Advice from Avon and Somerset Police (and for throughout the year!)

Please click here for some advice from Avon and Somerset Police on how to keep you and your neighbours safe and secure, especially over the Christmas period.

November 2018

Re-location of City of Bath Post Office into WHSmith

The Post Office are proposing to move the Post Office from 27 Northgate Street into the WHSmith at 6-7 Union Street where it will be run by WHSmith employees. There is a public consultation which closes on 19 December. For more details and to make your views known by filling in an online questionnaire, click here.

Bath Christmas Market - Residents’ Preview Evening Wednesday 21st November

Residents are invited to a Preview evening on Wednesday 21st November, 5-7pm, where they will be invited to be the first to browse the chalets of the local artisans and craftspeople with special offers for B&NES Discovery card holders. For more information on this year’s market, go to

Remembrance Sunday 11th November; Centenary of the Armistice at the end of World War One, 1918

Please click here to see the programme of ceremonies and services.

Proposed B&NES Clean Air Charging Zone (CAZ)

The public consultation will run until 26 November. The council is inviting everyone to read a summary of the proposal and take part in its questionnaire. The Government has told 28 councils in England, including Bath that they have to achieve compliance with nitrogen dioxide limits by 2021 at the latest. Royal Crescent forms part of the B&NES Clean Air Charging Zone proposal currently being developed to discourage high-polluting vehicles from driving in the city centre, and a range of non-charging measures to encourage greener modes of travel.

Under the current proposals, if your car is non-compliant i.e. either a diesel car older than 2015 (Euro 1-5) or a petrol car older than 2006 (Euro 1 to 3) then you will be charged £9 a day from 2020 if you drive into the zone. The Federation of Bath Residents’ Association (FOBRA of which the RCS is a member) has written to B&NES on behalf of residents proposing a more modest standing charge for car users living within the CAZ as an alternative to the daily charge.

The public consultation will run until 26 November. The council is inviting everyone to read a summary of the proposal and take part in its questionnaire. A number of open public events are being held throughout the consultation period.

More information, including online questionnaires, can be found online at Printed summaries and questionnaires can also be found at local B&NES libraries and One Stop Shops.

Click here to see the B&NES summary document including details of the residents’ drop-in events.

Click here to see a B&NES three minute video.

Click here for an eight minute interview with the council’s Bob Goodman.

October 2018

LUNA Cinema Update

The use of headphones at this year’s LUNA cinema event from the 28th-30th September made an enormous difference compared with the impact of the noise on residents last year. The use of headphones for LUNA’s two scheduled events for next year however has not been guaranteed. There are also other issues affecting the enjoyment of residents and visitors related to holding an event of this type on the Crescent Lower Lawn.  The RCS, MLBRA and CARA will continue to work together in urging  B&NES and LUNA to re-consider locating to Royal Victoria Park, Middle Common where other pop-up cinemas have successfully taken place

Parking Charge Changes - New Residents’ Discount

New car parking charges in Bath came into effect on the 13th August as part of a package of measures by B&NES to tackle the issue of air pollution and to encourage people to use the Park and Rides and other public transport.

All B&NES residents are eligible for a 10% discount for both on and off-street parking charges. You will need to register on the MiPermit online portal under the “Residents’ Parking Saver” section, via Sunday on-street parking remains free and the discounted evening rate in Charlotte Street car park will remain in place, as will the hour's free parking in Royal Victoria Park

New Littering Fines

B&NES has introduced new tough fines for people caught dropping litter, fly tipping or dumping household rubbish by public bins. Anyone caught dropping litter, including dropping cigarette ends, will be given a £150 Fixed Penalty Notice. Anyone caught fly tipping or disposing of bags of household or business rubbish next to public bins will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Fine of up to £400 or on summary conviction, a fine of up to £50,000.

High Common, Victoria Park

Our Cavendish Crescent neighbours have recently been refused use of the High Common for a small Residents' summer social gathering. Throughout their application process, it became apparent that certain Council Officers regard this public land as restricted access.

For many years local people have enjoyed this space alongside the golfers there; strolling or dog walking, picnicking, sledging, playing games etc. The Council's stance ignores many years of mutual respect, so the Cavendish Road Society believe it should be challenged.

We would like to show support for our neighbouring residents’ association who are seeking statements from any of our members or others who are interested. If you enjoy walking, playing or passing time on the High Common, please write and confirm that you do and for how many years you have done so uninterrupted. Statements should be emailed to, saying you are from the RCS and briefly setting out your experience. 

For The Keen Gardener - Local Allotments Available

We were recently made aware that there are currently several allotments available in Lower Common East, Royal Victoria Park. If anyone is interested, you can apply online by visiting

Minerva's Owls Sculpture Trail, 2018, 'Hoot Farewell' Auction Preview and Charity Auction

The RCS Minerva’s Owl, ‘Emily’, named after the founder of Norland Nannies

The RCS Minerva’s Owl, ‘Emily’, named after the founder of Norland Nannies

Many of you will have noticed over the summer the owl positioned outside the Royal Crescent Hotel which formed part of this year's major public sculpture trail in and around Bath, consisting of 85 individually decorated owls sponsored by Bath businesses and organisations. The owls were collected and put on display for an 'Owls Hoot Farewell' over the weekend of 29th-30th September at the Bath Recreation Ground. The charity auction will be held on Wednesday 17th October at The Apex Hotel and 100% of the profits will go to local Bath charities. 
For details on how to register for the auction please visit

The Crescent Lawn and Railings

Although the lawn is recovering from the hot weather, some remedial work will need to take place during the winter months to work on some of the worst areas of bare patches and large cracks in the ground and we will continue to monitor its progress. Repairs and re-painting of the railings have continued over the summer months and are now nearing completion.

The guidelines for use of the lawn have recently been updated which we hope will help everyone to get the most out of our lovely shared lawn. To see a copy of the updated guidelines, please go to the Residents’ Login page.